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SGISD District Philosophy

Santa Gertrudis Independent School District Philosophy

The philosophy and educational program at Santa Gertrudis Independent School District are founded on three core values:

1. All students have the ability to achieve academic success

Core to our mission, we hold the unequivocal belief that all children, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or incoming academic placement can achieve at high levels when provided with the appropriate structures and supports. It is the fundamental right of all children in this country to receive a high-quality, free, public education.

2. Quality teachers, with a focus on data and reflection, drive exceptional results.

We must invest in exceptional teachers to achieve exceptional results. Though our mission, curriculum and school culture are the foundation from which our students will excel, we must recruit, support, and retain the nation’s highest quality teachers. We firmly believe that this investment is critical to the success of our students.

3. A culture of respect and discipline is core to student success.

A highly disciplined school environment allows students to learn and teachers to teach. It is our responsibility to implement a culture of discipline, respect, and hard work every minute of every day. School staff explicitly teach values like respect, integrity, and hard work. Through clear rules and constant positive reinforcement, all Santa Gertrudis students learn to take responsibility for themselves, their school. and their community.