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Follett Destiny

How to log on to our Library Catalog

Only ebooks are available for students at home.
1. Go to
2. Go to Student/Parent Directory
3. Once on Directory go to Follett Destiny and log on.
4. Log on to Elementary/Jr. High School
5. You will see a login at the top right hand corner.
6. Put student ID # for user and put last name for password.
7. Once logged in as a student, go to top left hand corner and click on Destiny Discover.
8. Once on Destiny Discover you can select to see all ebooks and then a filter area will be on left hand side click on your reading level.
9. You are now able to open and look at the book or checkout a book of your choice.
10. Only two books per students will be available at this time.  It will be checked out tot he device you have logged on.  It will be returned automatically after 14 days.