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Welcome to the Santa Gertrudis Academy High School College Information Website. It will be here that we will post all necessary information for you to be able to start and successfully complete your college admission process. At SG Academy High School, we require that all students submit at least 3 college applications. This allows are students to be able to take advantage of 3 financial aid packages and 3 different schools of choice.

The time has come for YOU to take charge of your future. We are here to guide you, answer your questions and help you through the process, but it all starts with you knowing what you want. You will have to choose between a small college or a large one, one that is close to home or far away, one that is competitive to get into vs one that is not as competitive. All of these decisions can be made only by you. In order to be ready to apply for college, you need to spend some time investigating what you want to go to college for.

Parents can be a great resource for you. As a young adult, talk to your parents about all of the difficult questions about college; how am I going to pay for it, will I live on or off campus, will I have to get a job, can I afford to move away from home. You will be moving on to a new part in your life and your parents are also experiencing the heartache of letting you go and setting you on your own two feet. These conversations can be emotionally draining on both you and your parents. BE PATIENT.. TAKE SMALL STEPS... LISTEN...

Coach Frank Galvan III, College Room Facilitator/Coordinator, Charles Odom, High School Principal, Kristi Kelley, Counselor, and Leonor De Los Santos, Testing Coordinator/Director of Advanced Studies, are here to help you through this new adventure. We will be glad to assist you in anyway we can. However, we will not fill out applications for you, or chase you to do the things you know have to get done. This process is a two way street and we are here to make sure that you have someone to guide you.

We hope that Santa Gertrudis Academy High School will successfully close this chapter of your education and help you open a new exciting chapter of your life.