Santa Gertrudis School » Mission/Vision


Santa Gertrudis School Mission:

To provide all students with quality education that will enable them to participate in such a way that learning becomes an active process. Through hard work and focused dedication, our students will actively engage in the learning process and will be encouraged and challenged to meet their full learning potential.

Santa Gertrudis School Vision:

The vision of Santa Gertrudis School is to develop successful students who will serve as the next generation of leaders in our country. Santa Gertrudis School ensures students are on a path to college, starting at the early childhood level. We believe all children, regardless of race, background, or socioeconomic status can achieve at high levels. Through a structured, disciplined and academically rigorous environment, our students will be prepared to live a life of scholarship, independence, and honor. By exposing students to life's opportunities, urgently pursuing rigorous academic goals, and laying the foundations for focused dedication, our students will be prepared to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

District Mission:

Engage in uniqie educational experiences and opportunities for students' success.