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Welcome to Santa Gertrudis School!
I am extremely Proud to be principal of Santa Gertrudis School. Santa Gertrudis has a rich and long history of excellence. We pride ourselves in academic excellence while maintaining a family culture where everyone contributes to our school’s success. Students can expect a caring atmosphere with a serious approach to education. We prepare our students for success by setting goals and keeping them focused on achieving those goals.
We are dedicated to our students and believe that every student deserves individual attention that helps guide them based on their needs and aspirations. As we endeavor on our path to excellence we do so with a sense of understanding and compassion. Our dedicated staff work together with students and parents to help students achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
As the educational leader of our school, I will maintain our ideals and work to keep our students safe physically, emotionally and intellectually. This year we will continue to strive to achieve our goal of becoming a nationally recognized school district. I look forward to working with parents, students and teachers as we continue our journey of “Good to Great”!
Go Lions!
Mike Jones