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AHS Band

Congratulations to our SGA Band members who auditioned for the All-Region Bands.


SGA had 10 students submit recordings for audition.


Francesca Breitenfeld -  1st chair Concert Band Flute

Laurel Plant – 5th Chair Concert Band Clarinet

Madelyn Carrasquillo – 2nd Chair Symphonic Band Bass Clarinet

Jacob Espinoza – 1st Chair Symphonic Band Alto Sax

Noah Guajardo – 5th Chair Symphonic Band Alto Sax

Cristian Rodriguez – 6th Chair Symphonic Band Trumpet

Miles Llacuna – 5th Chair Symphonic Band French Horn

Jarrett Barden – 4th Chair Symphonic Band Euphonium

Ryan Guerra – 4th Chair Symphonic Band Percussion

Sergio Soto – 1st Chair 4A Symphonic Band Bassoon


Advancing to Area in January are Madelyn Carrasquillo, Jacob Espinoza, Ryan Guerra, and Sergio Soto. 

Area alternates are Cristian Rodriguez, Miles Llacuna, Jarrett Barden